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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Everybody loves Frida

Frida is my art dog. She's named for Frida Kahlo because she is a piece of art, and quirky. She's part ACD and part sight hound, we like to think Pharaoh Hound for her grace and regal bearing. She is swift. Her color is read and white, she has eyelashes of different colors and expressions for every mood. She is whimsical and needy. She has been a model for the Marin Clean Energy program (along with me. She stole the show.)
Frida and me modeling for Marin Clean Energy

She had her portrait painted by an artist who saw her picture on Facebook and couldn't resist.
Frida by Brenda Duke
My friend Joe Louis Wildman fell in love with her when he saw her picture on my page. (He has four dogs, he is a dog person, and maybe she says that to all the girls.) When Joe heard Frida was in the car last night at the Sonoma County Democratic crab feed, he asked to meet her. Of course the car was locked and my husband had the key, but he saw her through the window and said, "You know I'm in love with that dog."
Considering if she wants to keep going with this photo shoot
She is a beauty, smart and fast, and skittish.  She has no patience with foolishness. and shows it wit her expressive eyes.
Rolling her eyes