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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dogs at the Beach

Dogs love the beach more than anything. Even if they don't swim. Frida hates the water. If she must get her dainty feet wet to retrieve a stick or ball, she waits until the tide brings it close enough to grab. Babboo is my swimmer. He goes way out after the ball; no other dogs can touch him.

Frida will chase him on dry land, or damp sand, as the case may be, but not into the water. He will hang onto the ball, though, not drop it at my feet so I can throw it back out for him to chase. Does he really think I would throw it for Frida? Only some of the time and she drops it every time a treat appears. so in this way, they take turns. Sort of.

Babboo heading into the water; Frida heading the other way