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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Different dogs, different dispositions

You've read about regal Queen Frida. Babboo is all dog. Boy dog. He lifts his leg high and proud, marking every tree in sight. If other dogs come along, his ears go on alert, and depending on his location, in the car, or on the street, he may leap about in a happy anticipation of a romp with a new best buddy or goes all Cujo. And if Frida is with him, it's more likely to be Cujo.

Not that they are best buddies, or he sees himself as her protector. He'd probably be happy not to see her at all. When she first came home, he hid under the bed. He tolerates her cuddling his back in the evenings, but he not a cuddle bunny. Frida on the other hand is the ultimate couch potato. A soft furry one with big eyes, who pleads every night to join Mom and Dad on the couch, while Babboo hunkers under the coffee table and lifts his lip when humans reach out for a pat.

Babboo will go on the couch when no one is around. During the night if he gets locked out of the bedroom. But join us and Frida? he'd rather snuggle with a porcupine.